System Status 系统状态

Note- It has come to our attention that in some situations the Edge browser is having problems with the new code-submission questions used in the Senior and Elite challenges. If this affects you, please ask your students to swop to a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox. Their previously saved answers will not be lost.

注意- 在某些情况下,Edge浏览器在高级和精英挑战赛中使用的新代码提交上可能出现问题。如果这对学生有影响,请让学生换用其他浏览器,如谷歌或火狐浏览器。学生之前保存的答案不会丢失。

Asdan Challenges are proud to use The Cuttle Platform to host our challenges.
The Cuttle system can be used for maths and science competitions, entrance exams or employee exams.