Aim 目标 :

To solve as many problems and score as many points as possible in one hour.


Rules 比赛规则:

Please ensure you are familiar with the rules.


Scoring 得分:





Incorrect or Unanswered


Approximate time needed


A (five tasks 五个任务) +4 points 得4分 0 points 不得分 2 minutes 2分钟
B (five tasks 五个任务) +6 points 得6分 0 points 不得分 5 minutes 5分钟
C (two tasks 两个任务) +8 points 得8分 0 points 不得分 15 minutes 15分钟


Interpreting your score 计算得分:

There is a maximum possible score of 66 although very few students will have the time to solve all 12 problems.


20+ points: Good – You have the basics covered.

20+ 分 : 好 – 掌握了基本的知识点

30+ points: Excellent – You need to have solved more than half of the 12 tasks.

30+ 分 : 很好 – 完成了超过一半的挑战任务

50+ points: Fantastic – 10 out of 12 problems need to be solved to achieve this.

50+ 分:非常好 –12 个挑战任务中完成了 10 个任务。

66 points: Outstanding. This is the maximum possible score!

66 分 : 极为优秀。这是最高得分!

Blockly Buttons 模块编程按钮:

Run Runs your code and saves your answer when it is correct. 运行你的代码,并在正确时保存你的答案。
Erase Erases, your code blocks, your answer and resets the task. 擦除你的代码块和答案,并重新设置任务。
Hide menu Closes the question menu giving more space for your Blockly workspace.  关闭问题菜单,增加模块编程空间。

Teachers 教师须知 :

On the day of the challenge you should read through the first four sections of this page with your students before they login and click on the Competitions tab. You will need to provide them with their username and password. (N.B. The passwords will be reset at the beginning of the week preceeding the Official Challenge and will be obtainable from the admin section of the site.)

挑战赛当天,你需要提前和学生通读本页的前 4 个部分,然后学生登录,并点击比赛菜单。你需要给学生提供用户名和密码。( 注意:密码将在正式挑战赛前一周开始时重新设置,可从网站的 admin模块获得。)

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