About 简介

The Oxford University Computing Challenge is an event which aims to encourage students to develop their skills further and produce programmed solutions to computational thinking problems. In UK, participants must have achieved a top 10% score in the UK Bebras Challenge before sitting for OUCC competition. In 2020, ASDAN China (ASDAN Academy) and OUCC have formed a partnership to bring The Oxford University Computing Challenge-OUCC to Chinese teenagers and the competition opens for all Chinese students for the first time. 

牛津大学编程思维挑战赛(The Oxford University Computing Challenge-OUCC)是牛津大学为了激发青少年编程学习兴趣,提升青少年编程思维能力而举办的编程比赛。在英国,参赛选手需要在Bebras比赛中获得前 10% 才有机会参加 OUCC 比赛。2020 年,OUCC 与 ASDAN 中国(阿思丹学院)达成战略合作,由 ASDAN 中国(阿思丹学院)作为 OUCC 中国区组委会,将该国际著名编程思维挑战推荐给中国青少年,并首次面向中国全部学生开放。

A pilot challenge took place in March 2017 and the next official challenge will take place in March 2019. These events are held online, in schools and are supervised by teachers. The participants' solutions are auto-marked by our system soon after.



The OUCC Syllabus  OUCC考纲

Syllabus Area One  考试范畴 1(简单): 

  • Strings, Output and Input 串、输出和输入 
  • Mathematical and Logical Operators 数学和逻辑运算符
  • Conditionals 条件句
  • Loops  循环
  • Functions 函数
  • Lists and Arrays 列表和数组 
  • File Input/Output* 文件输入/输出 *
  • Classes and Objects* 类别和对象 *

Syllabus Area Two  考核范畴 2(较难):

  • Logical Thinking  逻辑思维 
  • Algorithmic Thinking  算法思维
  • Decomposition  分解
  • Pattern Identification 模式识别
  • Abstraction 抽象
  • Evaluation 评估
  • De-bugging 调试

* Juniors and Intermediates will not be set problems that require an understanding of this topic.

* 初级和中级将不会考察带 * 的内容。

Programming Languages 编程语言

Some sections tasks will require participants to be familiar with the Blockly programming language. Other tasks will allow students to program in any programming language using any IDE available on their school computers.

部分考题要求参赛者熟悉 Blockly 编程语言。其他部分的考题允许考生使用电脑上可用的任何IDE编程语言环境进行编程。

Students can use documentation or tool tips that are built in to their IDE but they may not look up documentation on the internet, search the internet in any way, or use other applications whilst participating in the Challenge.


The Challenge Format 比赛形式

The challenges will be run online or on-site.


Four age categories: Elite, Seniors, Intermediates and Juniors


Time allowed: 45 mins (1 hour for Round 2)

比赛时长:45 分钟(第二轮 1 小时)

Aim: To solve as many problems as possible in the time allowed.


Each Challenge will have three sections:


Section 1 第一部分 - 简单挑战:
5 tasks to solve that test understanding of syllabus area one in a fairly straightforward way.
(4 points each)

此部分 5 题,每题 4 分,均为考核范畴 1 内容。

Section 2 第二部分 - 中等难度挑战:
5 tasks testing understanding of more than one syllabus area one skill. These tasks may, in addition, require the application of the Computational Thinking skills outlined in syllabus area two.
(6 points each)

此部分 5 题,每题 6 分,包括考核范畴 1 的内容和较为简单的考核范畴 2 的内容。

Section 3 第三部分 - 高难度挑战:

2 longer problems that test programming skills and the computational thinking skills outlined in syllabus area two. 
(8 points each)

此部分有 2 道大题,每题 8 分。这两题为较复杂的问题,均为考核范畴 2 的内容。

Age group differences 不同级别差异:
(Note: New for Jan 2023.)


Juniors & Intermediates - All tasks will be Blockly tasks. 

初级 & 中级 - 全部为模块编程题。

Seniors & Elite - All tasks will be code submission tasks. 

高级 & 精英 - 全部为代码提交题目。

Answers 答案

Answer booklets are now only available to teachers in the Documents section of the admin facility so that tasks form our archive can be used in quizzes within the school.


Student FAQs 学生常见问题

Can anyone take part?

All students can take part. 


Are there prizes?

There is a first, second and third prize awarded to the top three finalists in each age group nationally. In 2018, these were:

全国各年龄组决赛设一、二、三等奖,分别授予前三名。2018 年,这些奖项分别是:

    First prize: A pi-top


    Second prize: A pi-topCEED


    Third prize: A Raspberry Pi starter kit


Can anyone use or try the past challenges?


Yes. Simply head over to the Competitions (no login required)


Is it impossible to complete all the tasks in an hour?

Very few students manage to solve 12 tasks in the hour. Each year students are encouraged to try and beat their previous year's score.

只有少数学生能在一小时内完成全部 12 个任务。鼓励每年参赛的学生超越往年的成绩。

Are the longer tasks most easily solved in Python?

较长的任务在 Python 中是否最容易解决?
The longer tasks are designed to be algorithmic problems with no specific language in mind. It should be possible to solve them in any of the major programming languages taught in UK Schools.



Why are answers only provided in Blockly and Python?

It is not possible to provide answers in all the languages taught in UK Schools. However, as the tasks are algorithmic problems, it should be possible to use the code provided to work out a solution in your preferred language.



The area to program in Blockly is too small 


The space for your blocks can be increased by collapsing the question menu:

hide menu button

Are there any debugging tools in Blockly?


By right-clicking on a block you can disable it:

hide menu button

This can be useful when trying to find out which part of your code is doing something unexpected or, in Picture module questions, if your partial solution is getting in the way of the shadow image you are trying to produce.


Teacher FAQs 教师常见问题

Can anyone use the past challenges?

Yes. Simply head over to the Competitions (no login required)


Which of my students have been invited?

These can be obtained from the admin site by logging in with your Bebras coordinators username and password.


How do I get my usernames and passwords for my participating students?

These can be obtained from the admin site during the week before the challenge.


When does this year's challenge take place?

The first round takes place on 9th May 2021.

初赛将于 2021 年 5 月 9 日举办。


Contacts 联系我们

For further information about this Challenge, please email: info@oucc.uk



Organisers 主办方

Oxford University is the Organising Body of the competition. To find out more about Computer Science and courses involving Computer Science please visit their website.



Asdan Challenges are proud to use The Cuttle Platform to host our challenges.
The Cuttle system can be used for maths and science competitions, entrance exams or employee exams.