How to prepare 如何准备

The early questions will require you to be familiar with Blockly. A tutorial system that also includes some engaging challenges can be found here: blockly-games.appspot.com. Focus especially on the MazeTurtle and Movie sections.


Unless you are in the Junior age category, you may find it useful to be familiar with a modern programming language for solving Section 3 problems. Intermediate students will be able to take part using only Blockly but will have more choice in the section C tasks if they can program in another language. In section C students are expected to have time to complete 2 out of 5 tasks only. A minimum of two Blockly tasks will be available in section C in this age group. For Senior and Elite students there will still be a need to be familiar with Blockly but full participation will not be possible without knowledge of a text based programming language.

如果你不是初级参赛者,你会发现熟悉一种现代编程语言对解决第3部分问题很有帮助。中级学生只能使用模块编程,但如果他们能用其他语言编程,在 C部分任务中会有更多选择。在 C 部分中,学生将有时间完成 5 个任务中的 2 个。这个年龄段的学生在 C 部分中至少有两个模块编程任务。对于高级和精英组的学生来说,仍然需要熟悉模块,但如果没有基于文本的编程语言知识,就不可能完全参与。

You will also need to be familiar with the sections required for your age group in the Syllabus.


A carefully structured Python tutorial aimed at able beginner programmers can be found here: computer science circles. It is possible for you, and any other students from your school to register on this site and then assign your teacher (or even a student) as your mentor. This person will receive any requests for help you might make.

点击computer science circles可查看针对有能力的初级参赛者的精心设计的Python教程。任何学生都可以在这个网站上注册,然后指定你的老师(甚至是学生)作为你的导师。这个人将收到你提出的任何帮助请求。

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